Preschool services to disadvantaged children

Holistic approach

Our first priority is to ensure that our children are happy, safe and well nurtured, therefore enabling them to learn at their maximum capacity.

Akkerdoppies has a comprehensive theme based academic program which is modeled on the National Curriculum Statement for pre-primary classes.



We have provided playground equipment and educational toys specifically designed to educate and promote physical fitness and fun.



We appoint and train promising individuals from the community. Our team of educators are dedicated, committed and passionate about the children placed in their care.

Over the past three years the teachers at Akkerdoppies received extensive training on developmental milestones, age appropriate stimulation activities, the grading of learning activities, planning, preparation and implementation of a weekly program, creativity in the class room and handling difficult class room behaviors.  A weekly goal sheet for each age group was implemented and teachers were able to follow each child’s individual progress on a weekly basis.


We have also implemented character education to ensure a high standard of values.



We strive to give the children as much exposure as possible by taking them on daytrips, organising events at school and implementing a well conceived holiday program.


Parent relations

We pride ourselves on a positive relationship with parents.