Preschool services to disadvantaged children

Expand the school

Expand the school

We have a large waiting list and it is always heartbreaking turning parents away.

By donating a classroom you help get 18 children off the streets and into a classroom. This form of contribution will give you piece of mind, you can see the classroom, see the 18 children benefiting from the donation. Furthermore it is almost instant. In only three months your donation will have been realized and 18 children will have a brighter future ahead of them because of you.

Akkerdoppies opened their doors in 2008 in response to the lack of quality, low-cost pre-schools in Stellenbosch. Since then they’ve expanded rapidly trying to keep UP with the ever growing waiting list.

Initially starting out with only 40 children, they now have 160 pre-scholars. In the course of the past 9 years, their members of staff have grown from the initial 5 members to 18 members.

They started off with an old rundown building with four rooms. The expansion started with an addition for the babies, after which 4 more classrooms as well as a boys- and girls toilets were built. Most recently they expanded with another three converted container classrooms.

True story:

Stephanie Mouton: “Riëtte the principal phoned me one afternoon, I could tell that she was very upset, she explained that a parent neglected to fetch a child from school and could not be reached. Eventually she decided to drop the child at home. The little boy lives in makeshift house under the bridge in Khayamandi. When she dropped the child off she noticed that there were so many children on the street, the parents were in oblivion and it seemed as if no one was minding the children. Her heart broke for those children. In her phone call she almost demanded that I expand the school, in order for us to help more of those children and other children on the waiting list. I spoke to PSG our largest donor and explained the situation. They agreed to help us with three more classrooms. I received the phone call in August 2011, January 2012 we had three more classrooms and the capacity to help an additional 54 children.’

The broken-down cost shown is what it cost to acquire, convert and furnish a container:


Costs to expand

Donor Expand the school

Requirements to expand the school

If you would like to get involved in this way please contact Alexia Chrisians at or (021) 886 8557